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Article: Be in the know with Vitamin C and incorporate it in skincare!

What is Vitamin C and importance Vitamin C
For_Skin care

Be in the know with Vitamin C and incorporate it in skincare!


Vitamin C is famous as an immune system booster but is the most underrated ingredient in our skincare routines despite being a superhero for our skin. It is an important step in maintaining the integrity of our skin as we age, and has so many benefits backed by scientific evidence.

So, what exactly does Vitamin C do for you?

Vitamin C is a necessary factor in building up the collagen in our skin. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin youthful, supple, and firm, but as we age, we slow down in out collagen production. Vitamin C helps replenish collagen in two ways; first is by combatting the damage to the skin caused by harmful UV rays. In doing so, it limits the inflammation of the skin and reorganizes the skin’s structure to make it feel more youthful. This, in turn, builds up lost collagen. The second way is a much more direct manner, as Vitamin C not only protects the skin, but it also actively stimulates collagen synthesis on its own.

Because Vitamin C works on the damage caused by the sun during the day, it is reasonable that you should apply your serum or lotion at night, before heading to bed. But having said that, there isn’t a downside to applying during the day, you just have to follow it up with a strong SPF sunscreen. It is also recommended to use a good moisturizer after the serum as it can have the tendency to dry it out, especially if you already have dry or sensitive skin.

However, make sure that you apply the serum in the right manner. Dermatologists recommend that thinner products should be applied first and the thickest products last. Serums such as a Vitamin C one are considered to be thin products, and hence should be applied as the first step to your skincare routine. This can be followed by your choice of moisturizer, and if during the day– also layer on some sunscreen.

There aren’t any side effects listed surrounding the use of Vitamin C serums for most skin types. However, if you’re nervous about getting started, you can always opt for a lower concentration of 5 to 10%. Once your skin gets accustomed to it, you can climb up to the ideal amount of 15 to 20%. If you do happen to notice that your skin is getting inflamed or you’re experiencing redness, applying moisturizer more frequently should fix it for you. Further, don’t worry if your skin is acne-prone. Not only does it does not clog pores when applied, it can actually improve acne by reducing the irritation that affects the skin’s barrier in the first place.

Our favorite Vitamin C products, the Aqua Collagen Gel & Hyaluronic Acid Serum

What is Vitamin C and importance Vitamin C


Bring in some Vitamin C and even some anti-aging elements into your daily skincare routine using the Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Naturally found in the skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge for dry skin cells, moisturizing with up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in more supple and smooth skin. It offers a cushioning impact, plumping and firm skin, and greasing up joints and eyeballs.

The hyaluronic acid serum is of the highest grade, both natural and organic! A stressful life can lead to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, and this serum is the perfect antidote. It removes dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and shrinks large pores. If used regularly, it can even target the delicate eye region and remove dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. With the Vitamin C, this Hyaluronic Acid Serum can also be used as a hyperpigmentation treatment.


What is Vitamin C and importance Vitamin C


A second Vitamin C serum that can help to successfully target developing fine lines and wrinkles is an aqua collagen gel. Lucky for you, the Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Gel is the perfect blend of Vitamin C and other ingredients. The collagen gel implements the highest strength of the naturally extracted collagen, which we know to be extremely important when it comes to the health of our skin. It is also a delicate, lightweight texture and can be easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it hydrated and refreshed. The aqua collagen gel can also stimulate other functions in the skin including the production of elastin, which is responsible in giving the elasticity to your skin. In doing so, you will witness your skin glow with a bright complexion and decreased wrinkles.

Will you give Vitamin C a try?

Marilyn might have had it wrong when she said Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend; Vitamin C is the new BFF!



 written by Charlotte Rycroft



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