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Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Harness the power of EMS technology with our most advanced facial toning device yet. EMS releases microcurrents that stimulate muscles to promote the production of collagen and other key proteins. More collagen means a tighter, firmer and more elastic complexion.

A collagen boost device that's non invasive with zero down-time.

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MesoLift | Mesotherapy Wonder Wand - Project E Beauty
MesoLift | Mesotherapy Wonder Wand

Instant facelift and skin brightening

Sale priceRM381.00 MYR
NEW INREVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand
REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand

Expert skin tightening

Sale priceRM1,429.00 MYR
NEW INSERA | Vacuum Body Contour
SERA | Vacuum Body Contour

Sculpt, tone, detox

Sale priceRM620.00 MYR